B2B Customer Experience

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This blog features a study comparing the levels of customer experience management at b2b, b2c, and b2b&b2c companies. The findings are that all three sectors place high importance on the customer experience factor. The b2b companies have less formalized customer experience programs and less involvement of the senior level executives. Overall, the author argues that b2b is lagging behind b2c companies in giving the customers an experience.

I think customer experience plays a bigger role when it comes down to global business because there are more competitors and more players in the market that sometimes makes it more difficult to differentiate. Giving clients the customer experience they expect can be a differentiating factor for b2b companies who are competing in the global market. It plays an even bigger factor when dealing with the high context cultures, where they expect more than just business. They want that relationship and trust before conducting business.

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  1. B2B marketing requires more of a soft approach, I think. Once you become a vendor or key supplier to an OEM, what’s importan is retaining that customer by maintaining a certan level of quality among the products and services that you offer. The lvel of marketing that must be implemented includes offering complimentary products or services, which really has to do with your sales talent. In B2C marketing, there is much more emphasis on the prospecting and follow up processes of the sales/marketing cycle. For instance, Dell (their B2C channel) would require a marketing effort centered on training its customer service, an obvious competitive advantage of Dell.

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