Importance of Website Design for Global B2B Marketing

Websites can be a major tool for B2B Marketing especially in the global perspective.  Many factors must be researched to make sure the website design is focused for your target market, especially for B2B. There has been much more research done about website design preferences for B2C websites but it is equually important for B2B relationships.  Factors such as design and content preferences can vary by country.

B2b companies tend to be smaller or medium sized companies with a strong cultural identity.  That is why websites should be customized toward the customer’s preferences in context, content, design and communication style.
The purchasing style can consist of a single purchase or long term exchanges.  The choices a company makes for the website can impact a b2b international relationship.  Things such as creidibility, reliablilty, quality and commitment to meeting delivery dates can be inferred from the website design.  This is why researching preferences is key.

Not only is language important in B2B marketing, Web site characteristics such as information accessibility, web site interface, web site navication, company information, contact information, product cues and transaction cues can determine if a sale or relationship can be made with a customer.  These all can be tailored to the preferences of the country in which the website will be shown.  Low context, more interactive web sites are prefered by western cultures, while high content, explicit communication is prefered by easterns cultures.  There are so many dimensions of customization and preferences that market research must be made prior to designing a website for international B2B marketing.