Mobile Marketing Trends Grow Worldwide

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In this age, where you are considered to be “old school” if you are not an owner of a Smartphone, we see a growing trend of mobile marketing. Radio and television advertising has gone from being entertainingly amusing to a nuisance in most cases, unless you’re watching the Super Bowl. In today’s world, mobile marketing is the way to go. Individuals are constantly on their phones doing everything but talking on them. It would only make sense that marketing teams push their efforts outside of the traditional realm of radio and TV.

Interestingly enough, the “third world” country topping the mobile marketing list is India! Next in line are the UK and then the USA. This growing trend is not just happening in America alone. Furthermore, this fact heightens the pressure for marketing teams all over the world. They will not only have to reach their domestic consumers, but also work to create interesting mobile marketing ads for international consumers. The marketing and advertising agency that is successful in creating ads that “grab responses” outside of the norm will be distinct from the rest. Not everyone can win, but the opportunities are limitless.

As a consumer that HATES advertising commercials on television and even more on the radio, I do not mind the mobile marketing that takes place on my iPhone. First, the ads usually are about 15 sec or less. There are even times when you can “skip” the ad after it’s played the first 5 sec’s. I am more willing to watch them knowing this information rather than being forced to watch a 30 sec marketing ad that is interrupting my favorite reality show. This may not be the best news for mobile marketing teams because they want me to watch their ads so that I can be influenced to buy their products. They would prefer for me not to skip the show, but I need to be captured fast in order not to skip. I have also noticed many ads are repetitive in nature, meaning the ad for a certain car is the same on my Pandora app and my YouTube app. That is much more effective especially when most consumers are checking their devices every hour or more. We continually are seeing, hearing, engaging in the advertised product or service daily whether we are aware of it or not. Another reason I don’t mind mobile marketing ads is because some of the ads stay to the side of the phone and I can still do what I intended to do on my phone. I am able to multitask and without being interrupted. Of course, ads are annoying most of the time; with mobile marketing they are more tolerable.

As this world continues to be taken over by technology and every person carries with them a mobile “computer” it is all the more important that marketing teams intensify their game to distinguish themselves from their competition.

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  1. Clearly, the trend towards mobile marketing is continuing worldwide and companies need to find a way to adapt to this emerging new reality. Perhaps not everyone is as accepting as you are, however, of being served ads on their mobile devices. Granted that they run shorter, they can still be very disruptive as people are out and about trying to get things done whereas an ad on TV or radio can be ignored at home by doing something else near at hand for a while. That being said, marketers will probably find a way to get across through these devices as well.

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