Exact: Winner of the 2014 Markie International Marketing Campaign

Exact is a business solutions company that develops software to support many major business processes such as production, logistics, finance & administration, HR, sales and marketing. Ranging from manufacturing, wholesale & distribution to professional services and accountancy, Exact’s software products are designed to efficiently help businesses manage and access their digital information from anywhere and in real time. The Exact Online platform currently has more than 130,000 companies across five countries doing their accounting in the cloud with extended functionalities for wholesalers, manufacturers and professional services companies. In October of this year, Markie announced Exact as the winner for their International Marketing Campaign category. The Markie Awards is an annual event hosted by Oracle Marketing Cloud that recognizes outstanding achievements in marketing across 12 categories, including IT-marketing collaboration, social marketing, content marketing, marketing metrics and campaign creativity. A good question to ask is what factors does Exact believe are the critical keys to its international marketing success? Mark Appel, Global Marketing Director Cloud Solutions at Exact, took to his LinkedIn page to explain what factors he believes will help B2B companies excel in the ever growing cloud business software industry.

For example, Appel writes that most companies today don’t fully understand the benefit of digital marketing although there are dedicated digital marketing teams formed within these firms. “Especially in somewhat larger companies it seems that specific marketing teams are created to practice so called ‘digital marketing’. Talking with those people digital marketing is about online marketing, marketing automation, SEO, SEA etc. This tells me that senior marketing management still needs to be convinced about the value of the things just mentioned. The only thing at that moment I think is ‘digital marketing’ IS what we currently and only do,” says Appel. This is a very interesting way of perceiving digital marketing and suggests that most firms are still too slow in adapting contemporary marketing strategies. A possible key to success here is that if a firm wishes to internationally market a product, a heavy digital marketing focus is mandatory.

Furthermore, Appel continues to suggest that firms wishing to realize successful international marketing campaigns should start with having a ‘do’ mentality. In order to have a ‘do’ mentality, a marketing team needs to be fully confident that their marketing strategy is going to be well accepted by their customers. Appel explains that the marketing budget him and his team receive for a project is treated as if it is their own money and make well informed decisions based on this belief. Entering new foreign markets are extremely risky and usually require large amounts of spending on marketing efforts. In order to see global success, marketing teams need to conduct proper market research and make sure their financial forecasts are extremely accurate.

By having a mix of high volume within B2B, cloud, ‘digital marketing’ and do-mentality Appel believes these factors set Exact apart from many of the other globally marketed companies. Exact feels the company and the way it market’s itself appeals to many others who want to hear from them and how they operate.

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No Breaks: LinkedIn Plans on Creating Another Billion-Dollar Business

Could LinkedIn develop a new business that would become a billion-dollar company in a matter of three short years? Confidential documents were leaked from the company and they provide detailed information about how LinkedIn plans on entering the $50 billion B2B marketing industry and establishing a new B2B marketing business that will be worth 1 billion dollars by the year 2017. B2B marketing is about meeting the needs of other businesses, though ultimately the demand for the products made by these businesses is likely to be driven by consumers in their homes. In July, LinkedIn revealed plans to acquire a business-marketing company called Bizo for about $175 million, moving it a step closer toward its goal of becoming “the most effective online platform for marketers to engage with professionals.” Bizo is an online platform used by B2B marketers to find their target prospects and shape purchasing decisions. The Bizo Marketing Platform enables precise and measurable B2B multi-channel marketing programs. LinkedIn wants to expand beyond its current media and content marketing products to build a B2B marketing platform using a combination of it’s own, and Bizo’s tools.

For example, LinkedIn states in the documents that Bizo B2B marketers can target new audiences, nurture prospects and measure the marketing impact by using the myriad of marketing tools Bizo have developed. Bizo’s marketing tools consist of Bizographics, 85 million subscriptions to business professionals, and Bizo multi-channel nurturing. Bizographics are demographics that Bizo uses to differentiate prospects from each other. The five demographics Bizo uses are company size, location, job function, seniority, and industry. Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing nurtures your anonymous website visitors and known contacts in waves of synchronized display and social ads. Deliver and optimize the most relevant ads and messaging to prospects based on their business demographics, website navigation, and levels of engagement to turn anonymous prospects into known contacts, and known contacts into customers. Furthermore, Bizo has 85 million global subscriptions, which will help LinkedIn significantly attain the firm’s goals in international marketing. For example, the big data on the 85 million subscriptions gained from the merger will allow LinkedIn further predict business buyer behavior. It’s unclear how LinkedIn plans on utilizing the resources they acquired after the merger, but considering both businesses provide services based on their online platforms international marketing will most likely play a huge role in creating a new billion-dollar company by 2017.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/linkedins-1-billion-b2b-marketing-plan-2014-8

To better understand the tools LinkedIn desired from Bizo, refer to the following youtube videos provided by the firm.

Business Audience Marketing

Multi-Channel Nurturing